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Why Building Management?

Most people in industrialized countries spend at least 30% of their lives indoors at their place of work, and another 60% in their homes. This makes comfortable temperature, air-regulation and filtration, and adequate lighting a logical necessity to allow for effective, efficient and productive work.

Cooling or heating of the environment always play an important part in environmental comfort. Through careful monitoring and intelligent implementation, a Building Management System will allow for the occupant's well-being, as well as energy-savings at the same time.

A comprehensive approach to Building Management does not only focus on the HVAC aspects of a building. It also monitors the access to and from the building, even the site in general, as well as sensitive areas in the building, to ensure a secure environment for you and your product or service.

Lonworks and Real BMS

Common practice is that a hierarchy of architects, consultants and engineers work separately in their respective fields without any interaction. To satisfy the existing trend, LonWorks interfaces are being specified and used in new systems, as long as components are LonWorks compatible. On existing projects, we can exchange existing components with LonWorks interfaces and create a Real BMS solution.

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